Our technical fabric

The activity of BUGIS extends into the sector of specialised technical fabrics with flexible materials that protect against the risks of fire, cutting, perforation, heat, etc.

The fields of application of these specialized fabrics are very varied:

  • Individual protection equipment
  • Robotic
  • Transport
  • Aeronautics
  • Acoustic industry
  • Medical Sector
  • Automobile industry
  • Home Furnishings

The use of high-tenacity fibers such as KEVLAR®, NOMEX® and KERMEL® as well as less traditional fibers such as TEFLON™, glass, polyethylenes, polypropylenes, polyolefins or polybenzazoles, provide a strong developmental potential for new technical products.

The development of products dealing with fire-fighting, anti-mosquito, anti-cutting, anti-dust, anti-puncture, anti-bite, anti-bacterial, anti-nails, anti-mines, anti-electromagnetic … gives us a leading position in these markets, both in France and worldwide.
Our R&D department supports all of these activities.